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We are cattle ranchers, parents and grandparents. My husband enjoys hunting and team roping when he is not busy running two ranches.

Besides raising these wonderful dogs, I am also an artist. I enjoy gardening and hiking, especially with my dogs.

My husband's family raised hunting hounds for several generations and the Goswick hounds are still heralded as some of the best hunting hound lines around.

We have been Jack Russell owners since the year 2000, after my husband was introduced to the breed on a hunting trip in Africa.

When my daughter got married in 2011, leaving my nest "empty",  I knew it was time to follow my dream and raise this amazing breed so that I could share the absolute joy these little dogs bring  with others. 

A little about the breed

A little about our dogs

A little about us and our family of Jacks

English Jack Russell Terriers are  also known as  Russell Terriers or "Shorty Jacks". They stand between 8 - 12 inches at the shoulder.  They can have smooth, broken or rough coats.

They make excellent mousers, and will keep your gopher population down for sure; therefore they typically don't get along with pets such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.

Jack Russells are hunting dogs at heart and  require plenty of exercise. They don't do well left alone unattended because when they get bored they get destructive. I highly recommend crate training. I don't recommend these dogs for apartment living, but it can be done if they are given plenty of exercise and activity. A home with a yard is preferable.

They are a fun-loving breed who love people and love to be with their owners 24/7 whatever they are doing; whether it is hunting, hiking, jogging, roller blading, paddle boarding, kayaking, mowing the lawn, riding horses, ATV's, going for a car ride or sitting on the couch watching TV.

Be sure to check out the History of the Breed link to learn more about this amazing little dog.

​If you have never owned a Jack Russell before PLEASE research the breed. This fantastic, amazing little dog is not for everyone. A Jack Russell is a 15-19 year commitment. They are a real joy and a loving, loyal companion; however, they are a hands-on, active, strong-willed breed that require your loving but strong committed leadership in their lives. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call. 

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone we feel is not a good match for a Jack Russell Terrier or anyone we are uncomfortable about our puppies going home with for the safety and well being of the puppy. 

A little about us

Call or Text: 928-713-9578
​​References available upon request.

Goswick Shorty Jacks

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We raise registered English Jack Russell Terriers - also known as Russell Terriers or Shorty Jacks. Our dogs are the short legged variety standing 8 - 12 inches tall at the shoulder.  Our dogs are registered with EJRTCA and AKC. Our Shorty Jacks are  of excellent quality with some of the best bloodlines in the breed. Coming from excellent, well researched bloodlines, health issues are extremely rare. They are well socialized and love people. They are active & playful but will just as easily curl up on your lap all afternoon.  We strive to raise dogs with calm temperaments. Our puppies have the potential to make great agility dogs, trailing / hunting dogs, search & rescue dogs and loyal family companions. They are highly intelligent and easily trainable. They love to learn tricks and to retrieve and play fetch with balls, Frisbees, etc.

All our dogs have been either tested clear or proven clear  by parentage of PLL & SCA.