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Occasionally we have adult dogs who are retired and become available for adoption.  These dogs will be available to very special homes, screened by us, to make sure they are a good fit for your family and you are a good fit for them. The adoption fee is what it cost us to spay or neuter them. If there are any available adults they will be listed below. 

You will be responsible for transportation costs to get this wonderful new family member to your home. 


Goswick Shorty Jacks

‚ÄčGoswick's Ammo is available for adoption. 

Ammo was born May 26, 2017, right here in our home! He is a son of Cuttin Up Miss Jessica and Cimarron Jacks Willy the Kid.  Ammo stands 9 inches tall and weighs 19 lbs of solid muscle. He LOVES his toy ball and playing fetch. Ammo loves puzzles, he loves to put his ball in hard to get places and then get it out. He enjoys going for walks as well. He loves the water, especially on hot summer days.  Ammo also LOVES children.  He is sturdy built with ultra short legs. Ammo was officially retired June 2019. Ammo is a neutered male. He loves people and children but plays a little too rough for small children. Ammo does NOT get along with other male dogs. He gets along well with my females but I do not know how he will do with other dogs outside of my home. He has been recently neutered so that might make a difference, time will tell. 

Ammo spends his days outside running and playing with his ball and his nights in his crate. He is not potty trained, but he does know how to use a doggy door. I do not keep my dogs outside if it is cold, if it is too hot, or if it is storming. Ammo is used to his crate on days like that; however, he would absolutely love to be on your lap as well. Ammo is up to date on his shots, he is on heart worm prevention as well as flea and tick prevention medicine. I will provide you with his rabies vaccination certificate and he will be microchipped.

I will consider a home where Ammo has a fenced yard and plenty of room to run and play. A family where he is the only dog and gets plenty of love and attention as well as exercise and activities like fetch, etc that keep his active body & mind busy. There is a small adoption fee of $100 to cover the cost of his neuter and you are responsible for any transportation cost. Please call me for an interview; 928-713-9578.